יום שלישי, מרץ 21, 2006

Post-Zionism is Pre-Zionism

A friend proposed the following idea to me: Post-Zionists are really Pre-Zionists.
How so?

In looking at the Israeli political scene of the past 10 years, have we seen the death of the New Jew? With our kowtowing to the world nations, have we returned to a pre-1870's Jewish mentality?

The New Jew was the dream of people like Ze'ev Jabotinsky. They saw a world in which the Jew was beaten left and right. They dreamed of a strong Jew who wouldn't take no crap from no one. Their thinking was that only when the world realized that this Jew was deserving of their respect could they treat him as an equal. Not would, but only then could they treat him as an equal.

This was the respect Israel gained, albeit grudgingly, post 67 & 72, Entebbe, and after Osarik(Iraqi reactor). I think that the political actions and overall spinelessness of our governments (of the past 10 years) have lost us that respect.

I do understand that in today's globalized economy no country stands alone but there should be limits. When the interests of your country are balanced against the "requests" of your allies I would hope that your country would lean in it's citizens best interest and consider the allies as no more than "a good thing to take into account".

About 3 years back Israel Military Industries developed Unmanned Ariel Reconnaissance Vehicles and China was interested in buying a few. Washington made it quite clear that it would show it's "displeasure" if such a deal were to be brokered. Now I'm not denying that US foreign aid has helped many countries, Israel included, but it smells like a gift from Grandma with big long strings attached.

The term I've heard is a "Mah-Yofis Yid". It seems that back in Poland there was a well known lively tune for the Jewish poem "Mah-Yofis" and non-Jews looking to poke fun at the Jews of the town would grab a Jew and have him dance to this tune. The idea of a New Jew (as opposed to a Exile-Jew) was that we would no longer dance to the Mah-Yofis of the Polish landlords. What happened? Why are we playing the puppet?

And for your entertainment, here is Revisionist Math!

UPDATE: Second Thoughts questions the nature of how "Israelis" see Israel as opposed to "Jews" looking at the state. The Modern Golden Calf.


At 5:50 אחה״צ, Blogger Nemo said...

I think it's high time that Israel to something extreme to show that we've still got our bullocks. They must be smart and show their power to the world. Let's make a pre-emtive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

At 8:33 לפנה״צ, Anonymous אנונימי said...

i think that yes on the one hand we can shy away for our cowardly show to the world with Gush Katif and Amona, and yet we can also be proud of our strengths with our army intelligence (an example is the event yesterday) as well as our high tech ingenuity- go look at www.investinisrael.gov.il to see how we are a shining light to the world.

At 4:33 אחה״צ, Anonymous אנונימי said...

Here's another great hazbara piece

At 3:42 אחה״צ, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I think it's sad that some people think the only way to get respect in this world is through military victories.

If Israel doesn't want the U.S. money, we'd be happy not to give it to you. Money always comes with strings attached.

At 9:10 אחה״צ, Blogger YS said...

My Mom always tells us: "It's only help if you do things my way."

When I give you a gift and then put big honkin' strings on it, is it really a gift? Or should we call it something else? If Grandma gives me a gift of $300 to use... as long as I don't use it to take that girl she dosen't like out to dinner... was it a gift?

At 7:41 אחה״צ, Blogger Nemo said...

Elizabeth, it's not a thought of mine, it's a fact that has kept Israel around for all this time, like it or not.

And I'm an American voter for the record.

At 4:42 לפנה״צ, Anonymous אנונימי said...

Hey, the USA strings are attached to everyone's funding. Look what's happening to Hamas :)

I wouldn't see that as a case of 'weak Jew', it's more a case of 'strong USA'. And while the USA isn't perfect, given China's human rights record, do you really think selling them military equipment is a good idea?

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