יום חמישי, פברואר 23, 2006

Traveling close to home

Part of traveling is the spirit. The idea that at any time I can pick up and go and do or be anywhere. Not to neglect real life but not to get tied down to a place or an item or to sink too deep into a comfort zone. I'm glad that when my friend said "I'm going to Eilat tomorrow, want to come?" I said yes. "Say yes to the music when it tickles...

Part of traveling is seeing new places & trying new things. I wonder how much traveling can I do in my day to day life? Forget far away exotic countries. I'm living in Israel! In the middle east! In (as Newsweek kindly puts it) a "war-torn country"! Jerusalem! Tel-Aviv! Hebron! Multi-cultural! Dominican monks and hassidic Jews!

Methinks that there is what to see here.

"What I have to say of Clarence Fud
(Who wouldn't say yes and wouldn't say no) is:
Once you turn into a stick in the mud,
You can't be sure where your big toe is.

Suppose it itches, suppose it twitches
And wants to go where the music goes?
-If you're stuck in the mud like Clarence Fud
You can't get the music into your toes.

Say yes to the music when it tickles.
Or else – well, just remember Clarence,
Whose toes turned into ten dill pickles.
That was a terrible blow to his parents."

-The Man Who Sang The Sillies