יום חמישי, ינואר 31, 2008

Rich and Poor

Poor isn't about being homeless.
Poor is standing at the free samples 'cause you can't afford to take any home.
Poor is beggin for the landlady to hold off just a few more days.
Poor is wondering if you will have milk this week.
Poor isn't about threadbare clothes.
Poor is about worn out soles.
Poor is about wonderin if it's worth turning on the heat or if there's another blanket.
Poor is worry.
Poor is unsure.
Rich is relaxing with a coffee, with a doughnut, with a cookie.
Rich is knowing that there's more if you want seconds.
Rich isn't a yacht.
Rich is money for a cab when you're running late for dinner.
Rich is having a vacation day, just to stay in bed.
Rich is being at your child's party - on time.
Rich is knowing.
Rich is surety.


Watching people in a bakery. Some would come in eat through the sample box and then buy something small to "justify". Scary.